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For ongoing appointments, signing up for the membership opens more access to Dr. Galvin.
Save on monthly appointments and have unlimited access* to her wealth of knowledge via email and phone.

Access. Knowledge. Treatment when you need it.

As a practicing caregiver and an international consultant for clinicians worldwide, Dr. Galvin can make use of a wide range of therapies for symptom relief, improved immune protection, and optimized health. Therapy treatments can include:
•      Intravenous (IV) delivery of medications, peptides, and nutritional supplements

•      Joint injections – guided ultrasound hydro dissection for low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain

•      IV treatments – for immune enhancing, rehydrating, chronic ailments

•      Photo-modulatory therapy – Local and systemic

•      Ozone treatments – for joints and systemic
•      Laser therapies - for joints and systemic
•      Stem cell platelet capture and treatments
•      Healthy pain management treatments
•      Osteopathic adjustments
•      Aesthetics – with fillers and biologics
•      Hair Restoration treatments
•      Sexual Wellness Enhancements for ED libido loss and Optimization
•      Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
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