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Product recommendations straight from Dr. Colleen Galvin

Lotus F.

“Dr. Colleen Galvin took the time to explain how the procedure is done and even showed me a video, which put me at ease. Her results reassured me even more! Thank you for your patience and expertise.”
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A healthy life means getting control of disease, pain and internal problems, as well as improving your daily health and appearance with diet, nutrition and anti-aging therapies.

As a Physician Associate, Dr. Colleen Galvin's diagnostic and procedural capabilities are commensurate with standard Western medical practice. In addition, Dr. Galvin has decades of experience treating both urgent and chronic health issues through natural and Eastern modalities. Dr. Galvin and her team stay up-to-date with cutting edge technologies. They draw from these various disciplines to craft a treatment plan customized to each patient, taking into account ailment, physical condition, and sensitivities.

A treatment plan may include

  • Western medical treatments and/or the use of prescription medications, including compounded prescriptions created specifically for your dosage and sensitivities

  • Acupuncture, to provide immediate reduction in pain in an affected area

  • Herbal medications and nutrients, to stimulate the body’s natural ability to create anti-inflammation agents and reduce your reliance on prescription or over-the-counter medications

  • A health plan for exercise, diet and aesthetic treatments to restore the vitality of youth

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