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Sports Medicine
Manipulation and

Sports medicine is straightforward. It involves injuries, acute and chronic, caused by overuse and sports activities. These issues need to be well understood from a biomechanical standpoint. Once the pattern of the injury is understood the correct treatment can be implemented.

What we inject

  • Ozone

  • Stem cells

  • Wharton’s Jelly

  • PRP

  • Peptides: BPC 157 oral and injected into joint, Thymosin Beta SQ

Physical therapy



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Injection Process

  • Review of medical history and imaging studies (X-rays and /or MRI), followed by a physical examination that includes a comprehensive examination of the affected joint(s) using ultrasound. This first step is essential in planning the injection procedure.

  • Collection of your own regenerative cells and/or platelets and injection of regenerative cells or platelets into the affected joint and surrounding tendons or ligaments. And/or peptides in combination or alone.

  • Another PRP injection into the joint and tendons and surrounding tendons and ligaments. This serves as a booster to promote further growth of the stem cells.

  • The last step involves lifestyle changes to further promote good health for your joints. A number of exercises and supplements will be recommended to you for homework!

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